From the streets of Buenos Aires, "the Paris of South America", comes a distinctive european influenced food culture that has exploded in creativity in the last decade.

¡Venga! Empanadas strives to fuse all those spanish, argentine and south american traits in a California inspired menu designed for the San Francisco cosmopolitan clientele.

From Gazpacho cold soup to fennel and tarragon empanadas(turnovers), as well as sweet croissants, caramel mousse and alfajores(traditional corn flower coconut/caramel cookies), made from scratch in-house every morning, our aim is to bring a twist on the traditional bakery/empanada cafe from back home to the city by the bay.


pablo_medPablo Romano is an Argentine native. Growing up between the sophisticated flavors of the capital and coastal cattle country cooking, in the traditional "Gaucho" (cattlemen) style. After graduating from the University of Buenos Aires, he moved to his childhood grounds of Mar Chiquita, a south Atlantic resort town, where he launched a successful restaurant: "La Ines" ,specializing in "Asado": wood grilled lamb, pork and cattle meats. He owned and operated the business for over a decade, as well as running a fishing boat rental/camping ground on a close by lagoon that comes out to the ocean thus providing for excellent fishing.These were tourism related services that suffered a great deal with the oncoming currency collapse and default at the turn of the century, so the operations were sold prior to moving to San Francisco.

Besides Pablo’s passion for food, he is also an accomplished artist. Pablo attended the San Francisco Academy of Art University and specialized in Computer Graphics and Animation. After graduating, Pablo spent five years working for William Sonoma/Pottery Barn building the sets for photo shoots for the mail catalogue.


Paula CapovillaPaula Capovilla comes from the Patagonian port of Comodoro Rivadavia, famous for it's seafood and the legendary "cordero asado" (whole Lamb grilled on the cross), staple of the local arid and incessantly windy steppes.She worked on the family music producing office with her dad bringing popular and high brow acts down south, as well as a classic salad and meats grill restaurant before moving to the capital, Buenos Aires.

She completed studies in hospitality and hotel management subsequently relocating to the Bay Area at the turn of the century.

Once there an empanada specialized catering operation based of Redwood City was her new endeavor. Soon after that her line of work involved real estate sales and property management, but after a while she felt the pull of her initial calling: Argentine food and specifically the empanada business.